Limited Exempt

Limited Exempt companies need comply only with
7 out of 16 sections of the regulations.

The 7 Required Sections
500.02 Cybersecurity Program
500.03 Cybersecurity Policy
500.07 Access Privileges
500.09 Risk Assessment
500.11 Third Party Service Provider Security Policy
500.13 Limitations on Data Retention
500.17 Notices to Superintendent

Companies that enjoy a limited exemption to
DFS Part 500

CyberGuard360 Solution Self Serve Assisted Outsourced
Full Access to CG360’s Cybersecurity Compliance Portal
Complete Set of Cyber and Business Policy Templates
Incident Response Plan
Compliance Deadline Reminders
Employee Cyber Security Training
Weekly Cybersecurity Training Refreshers
Quarterly Reminders of Data Retention Limits
Addendum for Third Party Service Providers
Continuous Adaptation of CG360 to NYS DFS Rule Changes
Anti-Virus/Malware Endpoint Security Suite
Anti-Ransomware Protection w/ Cyber Event Forensics
Web Filter Security Suite
Security Agent for Operating System and Third Party Patching
Single Pane of Glass to View Reportable Cyber Events
Email & File Encryption
Managed Firewall
Monthly UTM Security Subscription for the Firewall
Advanced Cybersecurity Event (ACE) Alerting Appliance
Quarterly Vulnerability Scans
Done-for-You – NYS DFS Compliance Filings
Done-for-You – Cyber Event Reporting to NYS DFS
Done-for-You – Risk Assessment
Done-for-You – Customized Cyber and Business Policies
Estimated monthly time – for client 8 hrs 4 hrs 0
Estimated setup time – for client 20 hrs 12 hrs 3 hrs
Monthly fee $149 $249 $399
Setup fee $995 $1995 $2995

*up to 10 users; $12 per user thereafter
**min. 1 year commitment

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