@Box – Cloud File Sync, Sharing and Collaboration Tool

Built for Business – Encrypted Compliant Secure

Absolute Logic’s @Box is a fully secure and compliant file sharing and synchronization tool that lets you enjoy easy file transfer, data backup and collaboration like never before. @Box features both 3rd party and team-sharing capabilities to maximize efficiency and usage according to your specific needs.

Available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps, @Box is incredibly simple and features a user-friendly interface that minimizes your learning curve so that you can be up and running in mere minutes. With @Box from Absolute Logic, you can do away with the hassles and headaches of file sharing right here, right now.

How does @Box work?

Once you’ve signed up for @Box service, your company’s url along with username and password will be given to you. When you log in, you’ll see your personal dashboard where you can upload, download, share and collaborate on files.

File uploading is made easy thanks to drag and drop feature that syncs your files to the cloud, or you also add them manually by searching for files on your machine.

Absolute Logic’s @Box lets you enjoy:

  • Easy file uploading and sharing including 3rd party sharing (sharing with non @Box user) as well as team-sharing (sharing files with specific group of users).
  • Backup in case you have files on your local machine that you don’t want to sync but still want a backup copy of. Data is encrypted and compressed before a master copy is transferred to our secure data center.
  • Activity log that lets you track all usage across the system, EX: files deleted, changes made etc.
  • Accessibility of your files from anywhere at anytime through your laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Restoration of files you accidentally deleted through Absolute Logic Backup, an application installed to your computer allowing easy data restoration making sure nothing gets lost.
  • Convenient collaboration through document lock features and team-sharing.
  • Secure backup and file sync/sharing cloud services which are powered by wholly owned equipment with no more than five minutes average downtime per year.

@Box from Absolute Logic provides you with a secure cloud sync and collaboration solution that allows you to access files from anywhere at any time, all while making your collaboration process seamless.

Want to see how @Box actually works?

Click here to visit our @Box Video Tutorial page

Your business deserves file sync/sharing that is simple, convenient and reliable. And best of all, because we’re so confident of @Box, we’re offering you a FREE 30-Day Trial!

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