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Cyber Risk & Your Community Check Cashing Business

Your customers rely on you for immediate access to their cash. You work hard to serve them and grow your business. For a licensed community check-cashing company, physical safety and convenience of locations has always been an integral part of doing business. Now, cybercrime can bring all of your hard work to a screeching halt. Are you in compliance with the NYS Department of Financial Services cybersecurity regulations? The new rules are a direct response to the growing number of malicious attacks on financial institutions designed to make sure your customers are protected.

A Culture of Cybersecurity

People are the #1 cause of cyber attacks. Are your employees fully informed on the risks in everyday tasks? You trained your team to provide a convenient service in a safe location; but cyber security needs to be and remain a top priority. Some employee actions can make you vulnerable: information sharing by social media or email, personal smartphone use for work, poor or long-standing passwords…are just a few. But when you sign up for CyberGuard360, along with all of the policies, procedures and technologies you need to secure your business, you and your employees also receive a cyber security training program with weekly refreshers to make sure everyone is aware of cyber threats. We train you on how to recognize an attack.

Commonly known phishing techniques are not your only cyber dangers. For example, trusted vendors create a vital link to the payment systems. But, does each vendor maintain a proactive breach detection and remediation program to minimize the harm to both of you? What is a necessary business partnership for you can quickly become another open door for cyber criminals. You deal in high-value personal records and are connected with vendors for enhanced information flow. Let us make sure that data is safe and only accessible to the right people at the right time. Cyberguard360 is your trusted cybersecurity partner. We expertly handle ALL aspects of cyber regulations, from monitoring and detection services to 24/7/365 rapid remediation services.

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Address Threats Before They Appear

Here at CyberGuard360, you’ll find everything you need to protect your business and your clients’ data from malware, ransomware, phishing, password breaches, DoS attacks, drive-bys, rogue software, and other threats. We secure your check cashing organization by assessing the risks and vulnerabilities and designing a suite of policies, procedures, and technologies, including:

  • Performing risk assessments
  • Developing an incident response plan
  • Encrypting data
  • Creating an audit trail
  • Educating employees on threats to watch out for
  • Reporting and filing incidents
  • Repairing damage from malicious attacks

Since 1991, we have helped our clients face both external and internal cyber threats. Our NY team is constantly developing and improving our check cashing cybersecurity products to help your business stay S.A.F.E. in the face of the ever-changing, growing threat of cyber crime.

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For the check casher’s data security services you can trust, CyberGuard360 is your 24/7/365 cyber guardian, keeping you safe, secure, protected. We are the only solution that will cover every aspect of your organization’s cyber security. Call us today at 844-315-9882 or fill out our online form with your questions or concerns.

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