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CyberGuard360 is a leading experts in cyber security, protection, and compliance, and since its inception our team has been a leader in providing credit union cyber security programs for NY credit unions looking to comply with the New York’s Department of Financial Services cyber security regulations.

We understand how important credit unions are to their local communities, which is why we are committed to keeping your data and your customer’s privacy safe. Our credit union cyber security services are designed specifically to address the unique needs and systems of credit unions.

Enjoy Reliable Data Security Services

When you choose our credit union data security services from CyberGuard360, you can be sure that your organization will be protected. We are a team of certified security and technology experts who take the protection of your network and security of your data very seriously. Our cyber professionals design a cyber security program of policy, procedures, technology, and training to meet the specific needs of your credit union.

Our business was built to simplify cyber security, and our one-stop shop makes meeting your security needs easy. And our security solutions are designed to keep you S.A.F.E.

We secure your organization by assessing the risks and vulnerabilities and designing a suite of policies, procedures, and technologies that mitigate the areas of exposure that are open to attack from both external and internal sources. Our Security Operation Center (S.O.C.) continually monitors these systems to ensure that attacks are identified and thwarted before they can cause any damage.

As the threat landscape changes and your organization evolves, we fortify the systems to meet the ever-changing landscape.

All of our cyber security programs include removing the number-one target of any cyber attack and the biggest threat to any organization, including your bank: human error. Every cyber security program we offer includes education and training of every member of your team. Our programs are designed to make team members aware of what a cyber attack looks like, how to identify a threat, and what to do when they are targeted, all in order to make your credit union S.A.F.E.

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Security has never been something you can ignore or take for granted, especially when your network carries sensitive information. The DFS cyber security regulation now mandates you have a cyber security program in place. At CyberGuard360, we provide you with security services that you won’t find anywhere else.

We are the only solution that will cover every aspect of your credit union’s security. When it comes to the security of you and your organization, CyberGuard360 is your 24/7/365 cyber guardian, keeping you safe, secure, protected.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch at (844) 315-9882 or stop by one of our NY locations. Or, if you’re ready to provide your credit union with the best cyber security measures, click the red button below to sign up.

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