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Most insurance professionals in New York are now aware of the 2017 Cybersecurity requirements from the NYS Department of Financial Services. As of August 28, if an insurance agency does business in New York, it is required to protect its clients’ private data with detailed security plans and controls.

As an insurance professional, you are the expert that your clients rely on for the appropriate protection against loss and liability. But is your agency’s cybersecurity plan ready to mitigate the ever-changing threat landscape? The technical expertise of Cyberguard360 can uncover your system’s vulnerabilities and threats, and use that assessment to drive your program and policies. It is critical that you choose the products and services that will safely cover your business for compliance, and even better, for your peace of mind. With Cyberguard360, insurance professionals can readily abide by the compliance requirements of DFS, something that should certainly be prioritized in light of increasing incidents of attacks making headlines every day.

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Where do I start?

At a bare minimum, your DFS program must include a comprehensive and periodic risk assessment, written policies and procedures, review and limitation of access privileges, limitations on data retention, and a third party service provider policy. Insurance agencies must also begin reporting their compliance and cybersecurity events to DFS. Every single business overseen by the NYS DFS must comply with at least part of the regulation. Essentially, the rules create two levels of compliance: Nonexempt or Limited Exemption. Limited Exempt companies need to comply with 7 out of 16 sections of the regulations. Nonexempt companies need to comply with all 16 sections of the regulation.

Do I Have to Comply With Everything?

Over 25 Years of Experience

At CyberGuard360, we take cybersecurity seriously. Since 1991, we have helped our clients face both external and internal cyber threats. Our team is constantly developing and improving our insurance agency cybersecurity products to help your business stay current in an ever-changing, technological world.

You can count on our certified security experts to provide you with dependable, comprehensive, and economical security solutions. We tailor our services to your agency’s unique needs so you only pay for the services you need. Our business was built to simplify cyber security and our one-stop shop makes your decision easy. Cyberguard360 has monthly pricing options that other security providers can’t match.. Whatever the size of your company, we’ll ensure it meets the standards set by the new NY DFS cybersecurity regulations.

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When it comes to the security of you and your agency, CyberGuard360 is your 24/7/365 cyber guardian, keeping you safe, secure, protected. We are the only solution that will cover every aspect of your organization’s security. Call us today at 844-315-9882 or fill out our online form with your questions or concerns.

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