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Maintaining your Customers’ Confidence

A mortgage broker’s reputation is irreplaceable. You bank on the trust your customers place in you. While you are working hard to maintain that confidence, hackers are continually seeking to undo your efforts with a data breach. Among the mountains of applications, credit reports and loan approvals, you maintain quantities of valuable information. As a “covered entity” under New York’s DFS, mortgage brokerages must comply with DFS Part 500. As a trusted and knowledgeable mortgage professional, you know that you must protect the data in your system. Of course, all enterprising professionals would love to combat fraud and thwart hackers, but how?

Do I Have to Comply With Everything?

The Nuts and Bolts

At minimum, your DFS program must include-

  • Comprehensive and periodic risk assessments
  • Written policies and procedures
  • Review/limitation of access privileges
  • Limitations on data retention
  • Third party service provider policy
  • Reporting compliance and cybersecurity events to DFS

Every single business overseen by the NYS DFS must comply with this basic part of the regulation. Essentially, the rules create two levels of compliance: Nonexempt or Limited Exemption. Limited Exempt companies need to comply with 7 out of 16 sections (the minimum) of the regulations. Nonexempt companies need to comply with all 16 sections of the regulation. These regulations can sound daunting to an already busy broker, but Cyberguard360 can help. We do the heavy lifting for your brokerage’s security; so you can focus on securing capital, closing transactions and helping your customers achieve their dreams.

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Our Solution

Our company takes privacy and security threats seriously. Our cyber professionals are certified security experts who can tell you exactly which cyber security system your organization needs. Our business was built to simplify cyber security and our one-stop shop makes meeting your security needs easy.

Our security solutions are designed to keep you S.A.F.E.

  • S – We Secure your organization by assessing the risks and vulnerabilities, and designing a suite of policies, procedures and technologies that mitigate the areas of exposure that are open to attack from both external and internal sources.
  • A – Our Security Operation Center (S.O.C.) continually monitors these systems to Assure that attacks are identified and thwarted before they can cause any damage.
  • F – As the threat landscape changes, and your organization evolves we Fortify the systems to meet the ever-changing landscape.
  • E – All of our cyber security programs include removing the number one target of any cyber-attack, and the biggest threat to any organization, including your brokerage; you. Every cyber security program we offer includes Education and training of every member of your team. Designed to make them aware of what a cyber-attack looks like, how to identify a threat, and what to do when they are targeted, our programs make your company S.A.F.E.

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