Frequently Asked Questions

The New York State Department of Financial Services handed down some new cybersecurity regulations on March 1st of 2017. DFS Part 500 is designed to ensure that businesses are protecting their clients personal data. Most of the items that DFS is requiring are just good business practice anyways. You should want to protect your clients personal data as if it were your own. DFS is just now requiring you to let them know that you are protecting your clients data.

In the Assisted plan we help you complete your risk assessment and assist you in customizing your cybersecurity policies and programs to meet the compliance standards set out in DFS 23 NYCRR 500.

In this case it simply means that you don’t have a worry in the world. We will take the burden of getting compliant and the 4-8 hours a month of monitoring and notifying DFS of each cyber event off your shoulders. One of our security engineers will work with you to complete your risk assessment and then we will create all of your customized cybersecurity policies and programs for you. Also included are enterprise grade Anti-Malware and Anti-Ransomware that allow us to notify DFS on your behalf when reportable cyber events inevitably happen.

Absolutely, If you have an internal IT staff or a network administrator that can handle the 1-2 hours a week it takes to maintain compliance then for only $99 a month you gain access to a complete compliance portal to customize and store all of our cybersecurity policies and programs. Including access to the risk and vulnerability assessment.

The short answer is NO. No one is exempt. Every single business overseen by the NYS DFS must comply with at least part of the regulation.

The government tends to change regulations overtime and with a monthly service agreement you have the peace of mind knowing that no matter what the government decides to do you will always be in compliance.

All of our plans require a one year commitment. At the end of one year your plan will convert to month to month. Should you ever decide to leave CyberGuard360’s envelope of protection we will (with a 30 day notice) deliver all of your policies, programs, and other work product to you via download.

A Penetration test can easily run between $10,000 and $100,000. We need to see how your network is set up and get you an accurate quote for this annual test that must be done.

Since the NYS DFS has a small budget they need to procure funding from other sources. Why not create a fine (soft tax) to take it from you? The average fine from the NYS DFS in 2016 was $18,982.06. Can you afford to fund the NYS DFS with a nearly $20,000 contribution this year?