Websites & Web Presence

Are you losing business because of your website?

What is the first thing you do when you want a product or service that someone has recommended or you've seen somewhere? You go online and look at their website. If that site looks like it hasn't been updated in awhile or isn't "fresh" you go on to the next site. Well, that could be happening to you!

If your website is stale, has typos or isn't able to run in the latest browsers or on mobile devices then you are losing business - plain and simple.

Absolute Logic offers website development services for every business and every budget: for:

  • Template-driven websites - for quick setup and deployment
  • Custom website - to make your own personal impression
  • Web Presence solutions - that include social media and blog sites
  • Custom business process solutions - incorporating sales automation, online order processing, fulfillment, product information management, and online training
  • Workflow automation - integrating your IT systems to improve business processes
  • Industry-standard Microsoft tools - we feature Microsoft SQL server and use Microsoft Visual Studio.NET for application development

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Custom database and application development solutions are the best possible way to protect and share your business data for the way the world works today.

Absolute Logic also provides complete web design services, from website development and planning to execution, maintenance, and site hosting. Whatever the nature of your business, we can craft a professional web presence to help you reach a greater audience more effectively. Absolute Logic's team of web developers can build a robust, corporate intranet site for your organization using Microsoft SharePoint, a fully content-managed website, or a simple HTML site for your business.

Additional services available include:

  • Content Management Systems
  • Streaming Video
  • Blogs
  • Block Hours for Content Updates
  • Training Sessions for Client to Maintain Website
  • Website Hosting / Domain Registration
  • Email Hosting