Janine Jiantonio

Janine Jiantonio

Today’s need to accomplish more with less can become overwhelming, especially in this economic climate. Technology, while certainly helpful in achieving this goal, can also prove to be one of the most frustrating aspects of any administrator’s or manager’s responsibilities. Viruses, hard drive failures, slow running programs, operator errors, help desks that are anything but and shrinking budgets all help to make IT outsourcing an attractive solution.

Al Alper of Absolute Logic, Inc., has worked with our firm since 2007. Although classified as an independent contractor, due to Al’s work ethic and dedication to his clients, he rapidly becomes an integral member of the team and that makes a world of difference.

Absolute Logic, Inc. has lived up to its’ name. Al Alper is a proactive performer possessing outstanding technological competencies and exceptional communication skills, a high energy level, demonstrated expertise in project management and planning, including a commitment to accountability and the ability to provide solutions based on sound business principles.

Al Alper of Absolute Logic Inc. truly is your absolute logical IT outsourcing solution.

Skelley Rottner, PC