As a healthcare provider, security and compliance are always top of mind when we handle and store sensitive information, or work with third party providers who come in contact with it. We take the privacy of our clients seriously and respect the confidentiality of their information; protecting it from the prying eyes of people who shouldn’t have it. Absolute Logic’s CyberGuard360 is the center of our protection and security protocol; from the policies and training that keep our team alert to the threats that lurk everywhere, to the security software and technologies that protect us from what we can’t see, CyberGuard360 is what we rely on to make sure we are safe, compliant and protected.

Chief Operating Officer
Northeast Radiology

Joe Blanco

I again wanted to thank you for the onsite help and support. You have proven again that you are a gentleman and respectful of your customers.

You have earned my utmost respect for you and for the business you have built…..even though you already had it.

I am sure that you know that I have been and will continue to recommend you to my customers and colleagues.

I truly appreciate your help.

Thank you,

D'Lusso Designs

James C. Keidel, Esq

We started working with Absolute Logic when we started our law firm in 2008. They were an integral part of our initial design, wiring and set up of our computer system. Whenever we have any computer issues or problems, they are always quickly and accurately taken care of. My partners and I have worked with many IT companies during the past 20+ years and we can say without hesitation that the services that Absolute Logic provides to us is unsurpassed.

Managing Partner
Keidel, Weldon & Cunningham, LLP

Dian Eng

Working with Absolute Logic has been an absolute pleasure! They are a highly professional and personable team who are responsive and knowledgeable. They have dramatically increased our productivity and eliminated the constant issues we were having with our computers. Our network is problem free and I would highly recommend them!

Office Manager
Collins and Associates

Susan Miller

I would definitely recommend using Absolute Logic to others. They always answer their phone or respond in less than an hour, quickly diagnosis the issue and recommend solutions to address the problem. They are very willing to work with the customer, clearly explaining everything in plain English instead of technical jargon.

“O’Connell, Attmore & Morris, LLC

Christopher B. Weldo

When we were looking for an IT company to assist us in opening our office in 2008, we turned to Absolute Logic. Absolute was there when we needed them with professional and knowledgeable service. They drew on a deep understanding of law firms and provided accurate recommendations for what our law firm would need to open its doors and were there to make sure the opening went without hitch. They have continued as our IT services provider and provide exceptional service. If I were asked what I like most about Absolute, it would be the fact that they are always there when you need them and they provide you service without interrupting your business.

Keidel, Weldon & Cunningham, LLP

Heather J. Adams

We hired Absolute Logic at a time when our computer system was in need of significant upgrades. Absolute Logic stepped right in and was able to recommend and implement a plan that involved only minimal interruption to our firm productivity. Since that time their responsiveness, availability, efficiency and customer service has been without compare. We have been able to make considerable advances in our IT systems thanks to their knowledge and expertise.

Skelley Rottner, PC

L. Michael Rudolph,

They care about the customer’s issues and are very willing to go the extra mile. During the October snowstorm when we lost power for a week, Al and his team were onsite that first morning and personally orchestrated everything from a portable generator to rerouting phones to online email access. We were up and running by lunch time, and our clients never knew we had any issues.

L. Michael Rudolph, LLC

Randall M. Hayes

Absolute Logic cares about the services they deliver. When we consolidated our servers, we experienced absolutely no downtime. The switchover was done in the evening and over the weekend; when we came in Monday morning the office was up and running. THAT is customer service.

Skelley Rottner, PC

Janine Jiantonio

Operating in this “do more with less” world was difficult with our aging equipment, outdated program versions, and IT provider that would take two to three days to return calls let alone resolve issues. All of that changed when we met Al Alper and Absolute Logic. Absolute Logic consistently delivers a level of service, integrity and knowledge that is difficult to match. The working relationship that has developed makes Absolute Logic not simply an IT provider but a valued member of our team.

Skelley Rottner, PC

Annalisa Stravato

My experience with Absolute Logic has been exceptional. Al Alper has always been just a phone call away. Regardless of time constraint, Absolute Logic has addressed issues as simple as how to change a password to intricate suggestions on internet and business marketing. Absolute Logic should take pride in being a mentor to young business and getting the IT in place to support the business.

Steps in Home Care

Jamison Pulgrano

In a nationwide retail IT environment, timely onsite support is a necessity. Falling back on manual processes directly affects sales revenue. Absolute Logic has been a proven extension of our Help Desk team since 2007.

Director of Information Systems
Emerging Vision (DBA Sterling Optical, Site For Sore Eyes), New York, NY

Kelly Weldon

We are very excited to introduce the I-pad, I phone, and Mac book products to our office and know this step will take us to the next level with our work at the foundation. Your expertise in coordinating our existing non Mac systems with these new products so that our calendars, documents, data, information back up and video calling all work seamlessly is impressive.

Whenever we have a question or a need you are always quick to respond and flexible in how you fix the problem whether it is remotely or in person with an office visit. Your smile and good mood is contagious and best of all you take the time to show us how to fix the situation when or if it arises again. You know my theory that computer gremlins come out at night just to mess with us but knowing you are near makes the Perrin Family Foundation staff feel more secure and frankly, the gremlins seem to be scared off as we have noticeably fewer issues ever since you have managed our IT services. Thank you!

Grants Manager
Perrin Family Foundation

Mark Ketley

Being a small not for profit organization means we have to be careful with
every dollar. Absolute Logic responded to a virus nightmare on our computer system and quickly, efficiently and professionally took care of the problem.

Absolute Logic is a company I can trust to deal with our IT issues, and do
so at a cost we can afford. Truly, a remarkable company.

Executive Director
Teen Center of Wilton

Our old IT services company took too long to get back to us and when we had a problem they seemed to fumble around before getting to a solution. We switched to Absolute Logic when we needed to upgrade and migrate our server. They were professional, very knowledgeable and thorough, and if they said they would be there, they were there - ON TIIME! The most important thing is we didn't experience a second of downtime! We are now using them for our monthly IT coverage and I would highly recommend them.

Agency name and individual withheld by policy

Sheri Zaremski

A colleague recommended Absolute Logic to us when our old IT company wasn't
returning our calls during an emergency. They responded immediately and had
us up and running in under an hour. We have been a satisfied customer ever
since and I recommend them to anyone who asks. If you want an IT company
who cares about your business as much as you do, you need Absolute Logic.

Advantage Agency

Scott Brenner

Since Absolute Logic took over our network maintenance and support the techs have been patient and responsive with our varied staff. He and his staff have not only become our partners but our friends. The network and systems are mission critical for a busy CPA practice like ours; I sleep much better at night knowing that we have Absolute Logic keeping our network safe from the bad guys out there in cyberspace.

Managing Partner
Dylewsky, Goldberg & Brenner, LLC

Janine Jiantonio

Today’s need to accomplish more with less can become overwhelming, especially in this economic climate. Technology, while certainly helpful in achieving this goal, can also prove to be one of the most frustrating aspects of any administrator’s or manager’s responsibilities. Viruses, hard drive failures, slow running programs, operator errors, help desks that are anything but and shrinking budgets all help to make IT outsourcing an attractive solution.

Al Alper of Absolute Logic, Inc., has worked with our firm since 2007. Although classified as an independent contractor, due to Al’s work ethic and dedication to his clients, he rapidly becomes an integral member of the team and that makes a world of difference.

Absolute Logic, Inc. has lived up to its’ name. Al Alper is a proactive performer possessing outstanding technological competencies and exceptional communication skills, a high energy level, demonstrated expertise in project management and planning, including a commitment to accountability and the ability to provide solutions based on sound business principles.

Al Alper of Absolute Logic Inc. truly is your absolute logical IT outsourcing solution.

Skelley Rottner, PC